The Polish Language Courses For Foreigners



The Polish Language Study Centre

at the Faculty of the Polish Language and Culture at the Opole University

invites for courses of Polish as a Foreign Language

   We offer:

Courses for the “Erasmus” Programme students in the winter and summer semesters (30-hour course, introductory level, 2 ECTS points)

  • Group and individual courses (the duration, number of the course hours and the dates shall be agreed with the participants)
  • The Summer School of the Polish Language and Culture (9 – 27 September this year) organized by the Eastern Partnership Centre at the Opole University

 We provide:

Polish language courses at all levels of advancement

  • Preparatory courses for the state certificate examination in Polish as a Foreign Language
  • The teachers are qualified employees of the Faculty of the Polish Language and Culture at the Opole University

Please be informed that:

The graduates are provided with the course completion certificates

  • We issue certificates for participation and receipts of payment for the course
  • The group courses shall be held on condition a sufficient number of participants have signed up

 Course payment:

The courses for the “Erasmus” Programme students are financed by the “Socrates – Erasmus” Programme funds

  • The fees for other courses are paid by the participants; the course fee shall be determined depending on the number of students in a group. One hour of an individual course is PLN 60

 Applications and contact:

The Polish Language Study Centre, pl. Kopernika, 45-401 Opole, room 319 (3rd floor)

  • Phone no.: +48 77 541 60 03